The original paintings are handmade with a mix of watercolor and acrylic. The "My-Mug" comes in 28 different motives, It is dishwasher safe and very durable as its made of stoneware instead of porcelain. We mount the decals one by one so each mug and plate will be unique and handmade. Using a ceramic oven, the decals will blend together with the glaze that goes on top of the stoneware and make it very lasting.

Plate measures approximately DIA20cm and the mug 25cl.

Down below you'll see which motifs we have available for now. Click to enlarge.


1 mug/plate -  23 EUR + shipping

4 mugs/plates - 86 EUR + shipping

8 mugs/plates - 170 EUR + shipping

Contact me for further details.


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